Questions about delivery

Delivery options

You can choose between having your kayak delivered to your home, collecting the kayak yourself or arranging your own delivery.

Delivery times and costs

German Continental area

We will strive to dispatch your order within 24-48 hours from the time you place your order. You will receive a dispatch confirmation email and you can expect delivery within 48-72 hours after its dispatch. 

  • Individual kayaks, under 3.5m and under 25kg, can be sent to anywhere within German continental area for 49€.
  • Larger kayaks and Tandem kayaks (double), over 3.5m and under 38kg, can be sent to anywhere on the within German continental area for 69€. 
  • You can as well collect the Kayak in person, the delivery cost is obviously free (Just let us know that you want to do this during checkout process).

Ordering more than one kayak

If you’d like various kayaks in the same order, each additional kayak will have a 10% reduction on the transport fee.  An order of five or more kayaks will receive 35% discount. For other destinations and orders of various kayaks, please get in touch with us to assure the best deals on transport.

Transport of accessories 

Accessories have a fixed transport cost depending on their size:

  • Small accessories: e.g. leash, D rings, scupper plugs, cost 10€ to transport for a total of 1-10 items
  •  Medium accessories: e.g. motors, trolleys, paddle or seat, cost 15€ to transport for 1 item. 

If you purchase mixed accessories, for instance: a motor, a paddle and a leash, the transport cost will take the form of the largest item sent, in this case 15€. 

If you purchase a kayak with accessories, the transport cost will be that of the kayak to its destination. Yes! Free shipping for your accessories and you pay only your kayak freight!

Tracking your order

As soon as your product is dispatched you will receive an email with a tracking number that allows you to follow its progress.

As kayaks are large orders they cannot travel with standard logistic and transport companies. This means the tracking cannot be done online and will have to be followed by phone. We will include a telephone number for our logistics partners and the logistic warehouse closest to the final destination who are best qualified to speak with you about tracking. 

The logistics company will usually call before delivering the kayak to make sure you are at the delivery address.

Poor delivery of products 

All of our deliveries are insured.  In the rare chance there is a problem with the condition of your kayak upon delivery, we are happy to replace it immediately. 

Please thoroughly check your product as soon as it arrives.  If there is any issue please get in touch with us as soon as possible.When the transport agency delivers the kayak, they will ask you to review the product to see if it’s in good condition before signing. If you do not have time to review it then and there, sign the delivery form as “TO BE REVIEWED”. You will have 24 hours to review the product and claim any transport damage. 

You are purchasing a completely new, unopened, unused product that shouldn’t have any damages. Every kayak comes wrapped twice in a plastic seal with card protectors on the bottom side of the kayak in order to protect it during transport as much as possible. 

Accessories that are included in the model, pack or series are inserted within the original packaging of the kayak and then resealed. 

For Fisher models, the swivel rod holders are stored in the front hatch of the kayak in order for them to arrive in the best condition possible.

Can you guarantee my kayak will arrive in 72 hours?

Our logistics partners strive to deliver our products within 3 to 4 days after payment is confirmed to any place within German continental area and we are happy to report that this is usually the case. However, delays are a possibility and if you haven’t received your kayak within 4 days you can track your product by calling the logistics telephone number provided in your confirmation email and quoting your tracking number.

Can you collect the kayak in person?

Yes of course, and we’re all for it!  Just let us know that you want to do this during checkout process. 

Can I arrange my own delivery?

Sure you can. When you place your order just make sure to advise us when and where you plan to arrange collection.

Questions about our products

What is a Sit-On-Top Kayak?

Sit-on-top kayaks are similar to traditional “sit-inside” kayaks, or canoes, but instead of sitting inside the vessel, you sit in a moulded seat on top. Some are fiberglass, but most are made of durable polyethylene using the "Roto Mould" system. This means that the kayak is moulded out of one piece of polyethylene, which makes it much more resilient.

Link above “Roto Mould” to wiki rotomould: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rotational_molding

Sit-on-top kayaks share many of the benefits of traditional canoes, but tend to be easier to use and less expensive.

There are sit-on-top kayaks designed for fishing, surfing, expeditions, scuba diving and more. Some of these have specialised designs, but most sit-on-tops are designed for multiple uses and are created with the recreational or amateur paddler in mind. 

Aside from being easy to use, sit-on-top kayaks have many advantages over sit-inside kayaks, among the most important being comfort! A traditional sit-inside kayak can feel constrained, especially for those with longer legs or those who have more limited flexibility. A sit-on-top kayak feels more open and gives the paddler more freedom of movement.  

Another important advantage is the simple rescue procedure.  Safety is important for everyone, whether a beginner or a more expert kayaker. Sit-on-top kayaks have an open deck instead of a closed one, which means less risk of getting caught in the boat if it were to tip over. With a sit-on-top kayak there is no need to practise "eskimo rolls" or "wet exits". 

These features make sit-on-top kayaks especially attractive to people who are new to the sport, and people who do not plan on doing long expeditions but rather prefer to kayak for leisure. Sit-on-top kayaks are fun for everyone, and a great way to begin to enjoy kayaking! 

Sit-On-Top kayaks are fun and a great way of enjoying kayaking. Grab a paddle and enjoy kayaking with Galaxy Kayaks.

Are your kayaks made through Roto Moulding?

Yes. All our kayaks are made from 5mm of polyethylene using a Roto Moulding process. The kayak is moulded in one piece which makes it much more resistant and durable. 

What is the difference between the Cruz and the Blaze?

The Blaze is available as both a leisure and fishing model and is essentially a hybrid fishing/leisure kayak. The Cruz comes with more fishing accessories and a sharper keel which means it can cut through waves easier. The Blaze is a longer kayak and can reach higher speeds which makes it good for traveling distances.

What is the difference between a Cruz 13 and Cruz 14? 

The Cruz 14 has triple enforced rod holders, a storage compartment for an anchor, an improved seat and a larger centre hatch.

Is the Cruz slow? 

Shorter kayaks will be slower than larger ones by nature. Being shorter and wider you gain on stability and it is easier to store them but lose on some speed compared to the Alborán for instance. 

Have a look at our Galaxy Guide for a comparison between our range of Galaxy Kayaks. 

Do your kayaks come with a drainage system? 

All of our kayaks come with a drainage system and this is a very important part of a sit-on-top kayak. 

The system works by having various drainage points specially positioned around the kayak. These points come with scupper plugs made of rubber. The plugs are always left inserted in the kayak, unless you know that the kayak will become filled up with water (e.g. when surfing waves). 

If water enters your kayak and you want to get rid of it, you can do so by removing the scupper plug in the area affected and then start paddling ahead. This will create a suction that will remove the water collected in the kayak. Once the water has been removed, quickly reinstate the scupper plug.

Can I go fishing on my own on a tandem kayak?

Yes, you only need to fix the chair into the middle of the Kajak. But take into account this is not the ideal condition of usage and can affect to the Kayak maneuverability, but many People use Tandem kayaks on this way. Please note these Kayas are balanced for two people and would tilt the kayak when is used by one person. We also strongly advise to never go out in the water alone – always go with a buddy for your own safety!

Can my child accompany me on an individual kayak? 

No – we do not recommend this. They are not designed for two people. 

Can water get into a kayak? 

Yes. Kayaks with holes for hatchets, or drainage systems run the risk of some water entering them. All our kayaks come with a drain plug to remove water after each session.

Do you sell sails for kayaks? 

No, not yet. All products that we sell are available on the website. We are constantly working to improve the site and add to our product range. 

Official documents 

Product Specifications and Serial Number

Every Galaxy Kayak comes with a product specification sheet of your kayak and invoice (which is sent to your email address). The product specification sheet comes on the exterior of your kayak. These documents can be combined to generate your kayak serial number that can be added to your kayak by you if you should need to for any reason.

If for any reason you receive your kayak without one, please contact us 

Receipts and Invoices 

Each purchase on our website comes with a digital receipt and for kayaks this receipt is a valid proof of ownership. It is also a valid form of proof of purchase for your warranty. 

If you require an invoice please get in touch with us, detailing your company information, through the contact page on the website (under info: contact us).

Safety first

Kayaking is a high-risk sport. It is very important to have basic safety training before heading out on a kayak. 

Galaxy Kayaks is not responsible for your safety or training. We ask that you take all necessary safety precautions and have maximum respect for the power of nature. 

Here are some simple rules to help your confidence on the water: 

  1.       Never go kayaking alone
  2.       Never go out without a personal floatation device
  3.       Obtain certified first-aid training
  4.       Wear appropriate clothing and dress for weather and water conditions
  5.       Never leave without checking all your equipment
  6.       Never go out in dangerous conditions
  7.       Never paddle in flood conditions
  8.       Never leave without checking the weather conditions
  9.       Be aware of river water levels, tidal changes, dangerous currents, underwater hazards, and weather changes
  10.   Always notify friends and family of where you go and how long it will take
  11.   Make sure your mobile phone is well stored in a waterproof bag
  12.   Always take a radio with you to communicate with fellow paddlers and the coastguard
  13.   Always take all necessary safety equipment: knife, flashlight, whistle etc...
  14.   Never go without necessities like water, sun cream, a hat, sun glasses and some high energy food (like an energy bar) 

Kayaking is a very fun and healthy sport. It's a great way to get in shape and enjoy Mother Nature at the same time! 

There are new adventures waiting to be had with Galaxy Kayaks…go seize them!




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