The following warranty applies to original purchasers or subsequent owners of Galaxy Kayaks and lasts for three years commencing on the original date of purchase from an authorised outlet (if you own a second hand or demonstration model the warranty began at the original point of sale and therefore applies from the original date of purchase). 


To ensure the validity of your warranty you must present proof of purchase if making any claim. If you have purchased a kayak from a previous owner you must present proof of transfer into your own name. All claims are to be directed to the authorised dealer where the kayak was originally purchased.


This warranty is the exclusive statement of your rights with respect to any defects in the Galaxy Kayaks you have purchased, and this limited warranty supersedes any other express warranty or statement, written or oral, made in connection with your purchase. 

This warranty excludes any consequential or incidental damages or expenses resulting from any defect in your Galaxy Kayak.

Please be aware to check your legal rights within your own country as there are variations from place to place. 


Dependant on the severity of the individual case, the hull and/or outfitting components of a Galaxy Kayak under this warranty will be repaired or replaced. The warranty applies to the hull of all new or ‘demo’ Galaxy Kayaks models: substantial manufacturing defects relating to the hull structure, materials, and other components of the kayak are covered subject to conditions listed below:




  • Misuse of the kayak, or it having been utilised in any way other than intended is not covered by this warranty.  
  • Ordinary wear and tear; colour fading, scratches and scrapes, dents, etc. and/or failure to follow Galaxy Kayaks recommended care instructions is not covered by this warranty.  
  • Kayaks bought second hand or with existing damage, said damage is not covered by this warranty. 
  • Accessories are not covered by this warranty. 
  • Any kayak which has been altered, personalised or manipulated structurally or abused in terms of being used outside of its limits will not be covered by this warranty. 
  • Any product which does not have a warranty or was sold ‘as is’ will not be covered by this warranty. 




  • Substantial defects must be highlighted on receipt of the kayak, photographic proof of damages may be requested. It is the responsibility of the recipient to inspect the kayak on arrival. In proven cases of a kayak being defective on arrival, the hull will be fixed or replaced free of charge including shipping. If the possible issue is unclear and the hull is requested for examination, the shipping will be assumed by the client. 
  • For minor manufacturing defects Galaxy Kayaks will reclassify the kayak as a ‘demo’ and reimburse 10% of its current MSRP in that country. Alternatively the kayak may be replaced for 30% of the kayak’s current MSRP in that country, plus shipping.
  • In the event of a range of kayaks having been been discontinued the most comparable, current model will be selected as a replacement. 




  • Should any component be missing on receipt of a kayak, this will be sent directly free of charge. 
  • Any component proven to be missing that are highlighted after 45 days of receipt of a kayak will be replaced, the client will assume all shipping costs. 
  • Faulty accessories or components recognized within three months of purchase (dependent on correct usage) will be replaced, the client will assume all shipping costs. 


As per these conditions, for a covered warranty repair or replacement, the client is Responsable for paying the applicable percentage of MSRP, plus all shipping Costs to and from our manufacturing facility or any other designated destination.

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